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I am pleased to announce that we now have a prototype version of QuadSucker/News that works with news services that feature encrypted news.

Versions 4.6-beta-1 and 4.6-beta-2 have been replaced by version 4.7. I'd like to thank all those who downloaded and tried out the beta versions. For those who are using 4.6-beta-1 or 4.6-beta-2, I'd suggest upgrading to the official 4.7 release, as it fixes a couple of bugs related to locking of SSL sockets and reduces CPU load considerably.

The SSL support has finished the beta testing phase and has been released as an official stable version of QuadSucker/News. Click here to go back to the QuadNews main page. Version 4.6 and above supports encrypted usenet.

Please report any problems to

Why use encrypted newsgroup access? Encrypted usenet protects your privacy by encrypting the news articles as they are sent from the news provider to your newsreader. The encryption used is the same high-grade encryption that eCommerce and secure websites use. The reason for using encrypted newsgroup access is privacy. Just as using a secure website prevents your personal data from being intercepted, an encrypted news connection will keep the news articles that you download private.

Does encrypted usenet cost money? Most of the providers that support encrypted news access charge an extra fee.