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Intelligent Multi-Part Message Assembly

With the proliferation of large multimedia files, such as MP3 audio and AVI/MPEG video, the most frequent request I receive is better handling of large multi-part messages.

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Multi-part messages are files that are just too big to fit in a single news message, requiring the poster to split the file amongst multiple messages. The news system invariably rearranges, delays, loses, and otherwise makes a mess of these large posts.

QuadSucker/News now includes two new algorithms for dealing with multi-part messages:

  • An advanced method using fuzzy logic to determine which blocks of messages constitute a single file by analyzing the subject line of the messages. The advanced method is able to determine if parts are missing and may optionally skip files with missing parts.
  • A primitive method that sorts messages by author and post date/time in an attempt to rearrange messages to their original order. My other popular software, SBNews, uses this method.

These new multi-part message algorithms work with QuadSucker's multiple threads to allow the impressive downloading of up to four large files at a time. On a high latency connection, QuadSucker/News is able to download up to four times faster than a less advanced single thread downloader -- imaging downloading four MP3 or AVI files at once!

I've used MP3 and MPEG as an example; The new methods are not format specific and work fine with any multi-part messages, including such things as ZIP archives, self-extracting EXE files, and others.

Other advances to QuadSucker/News:

The new graceful disconnect feature is smart enough to wait until all parts of a message are downloaded before discnnected. You won't have to worry about breaking up communication in the middle of that 21MB MP3 song you're downloading -- graceful disconnect will automatically wait until the download is complete.

The new Pick and Choose mode

With version 3.0 and above of QuadSucker/News, I've added a "Pick and Choose" mode that is intended for people who like to download from the "big" newsgroups, like mp3 and mpeg groups.

There is an excelent tutorial that demonstrates the new pick and choose mode to download mpeg files from newsgroups.